Roller Shells

Pelleting Consumables Europe Roller Shells are available for all kind of brands and types of configurations. A Roller Shell ensures the pressing of raw materials through a die.

All Roller Shells are made of high quality and wear-resistant steel. The hardening and tempering process ensure a maximum durability.

Pelleting Consumables Europe offers Roller Shells for every particular application. Each configuration has a geometric design to provide maximum production and pressing of raw material through a die.

Configuration options

  • Dimpled straight holes
  • Dimpled countersunk holes
  • Helical closed end corrugated
  • Helical open end corrugated
  • Closed-End corrugated
  • Open End corrugated
  • Saw cutting open ends
  • Saw closing closed ends
  • Fish bone cutting
  • Combined dimpled / corrugated
Just perfect dies