Ring Dies

Pelleting Consumables Europe(PCE) manufactures top-quality Ring Dies that guarantee the best pellet quality. Our tailor-made Ring Dies are available for pellet presses of all brands. At our ultra-modern facility we manufacture ring dies for compound feed, aqua feed, compost pellets, wood pellets, recycling and many other types of pellets.

Specific Hole Distribution
PCE Ring Dies are characterised by the special distribution of the die holes in the ring. The relative position and pattern of the Die holes in our Ring Die encourage optimum capacity of the Pellet Press for a specific product and pellet size. The unique hole distribution of the PCE Ring Dies ensures:

  • Longer life (even wear)
  • Higher capacity with the same Die open area
  • Lower power consumption per tonne of produced product


High-quality steel Standard metallurgical specification for our Dies meet high-grade, high chrome steel X46Cr13, tempered to 53-55 HRC. The associated Roller Shells are manufactured from 100Cr6 or 20MnCr5, depending on the application.

Vacuum Tempering Furnace
Our own vacuum tempering furnace includes the latest technology. Ring Dies tempering quality is continuously sensed on-line. This allows for on-line tempering adjustments as required resulting in superior quality Ring Dies and optimum operational life for specific Die hole configurations. The furnace is suitable for dies up to 1.500 mm.

Quality control
All our Dies are extensively monitored on quality, hardness, dimensional stability and concentric accuracy. All Dies are runned in before delivery.

Short Lead Times
As the entire process takes place In-house, we ensure just in time delivery anywhere in the world.

Our expert team is available to guide you by selecting the right Die. In addition to our products we assist with planning your spare and wear part inventory. Minimising costs and the risk of running out of wear and spare parts is our concern. Click here for more info.

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